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Face it, the Adventure 990 and 950 are undercooled and need all the help they can get. The Rally Fan Kit helps by easily adding the much needed extra fan to the right side of the radiator. Installation is easy once the right tank is off (the easier of the two to remove anyway) and the fan appears to be stock on the bike. No wiring is required via the splitter power cable which simply connects to power both the stock fan and the high quality SPAL additional fan. Protect the life of your engine and enjoy it longer with the Adventure Machines Rally fan kit.


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May i know how much is it and the postage to Malaysia. It is a good Tool for the cooling system since we are in tropical zone

Ahmad Azali

Just fitted mine. Excellent quality parts and quick, tracked shipping. Can't ask for more

Jonny Akroyd

Hi, pump kit installed and can say has made a huge, difference in keeping the temp lower and more stable - i had a local shop here called fistbumpcustom install it - they are quite well skilled in the larger KTMs

Sidaw Lambert

Super. Lit it works well on my 990 am lots better in town the fan doesn't come on like before

Roger Milne

and for the pump talk whith Tonino Ambrosano. the tsunami pump upgrade is working really well

Stephen Pedretti