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 Ambro Racing is the ideal fusion between passion for off-road and the desire for adventure and freedom travel.

This passion led me to search for new boundaries to explore and cross, both physical and mental.

The search for the concept of freedom is the cornerstone of my philosophy, and in this way I was able to overcome many barriers all over the world, preferably on large-engined bikes, to meet cultures, customs and traditions different from mine.

Thank you so much I thought of creating special adventure trips, sometimes personalized, which adapt in detail to the needs of those who are looking for the same emotions.

My tours they welcome a maximum of 10 participants, they take place mainly in Italy, and in some foreign countries to which I am particularly fond, and in which I have made numerous visits given their naturalistic and cultural beauty.

Why choose Ambro Racing tours? Because I will take you to spectacular places in Bella Italia and other foreign destinations such as Bosnia, the Pyrenees, etc.

Because I am Italian and for anything you need in Italian territory I am at home.

Because I have a lot of off-road experience, but above all a strong PASSION

Because I will take care of you and any of your problems will be mine too, and I will find a solution to help you during the tour.

Because I will take you to taste the real Italian and foreign Culinary Art and not simply menus dedicated to tourists.

Because I offer you the right services, motorbike transport, motorbike rental (Fly and Drive), luggage transport.

Because to make this experience even safer and immersive I obtained the certificate of "Off-road Official Guide AICS - CONI" (Enrollment in the Register 977 Off-road Guides AICS Nr.50001013) In short, give me the opportunity to demonstrate what I said, and participate in one of my tours.

You will not regret it. Always thanks to this innate passion, I met people who, off-road enthusiasts and sharing the same passion, later became friends and collaborators of ideas and projects. An example are the special parts that aim to satisfy the simple traveler on the road, up to to those who lend themselves to competitive activities, Rally and Enduro…

Qualities of which I am proud are availability, seriousness and professionalism, of which I have made a style of life.. Our motto : FIND A WAY OR CREATE ONE.


Find a way, or create one !