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The oversized impeller is a component designed to increase the cooling capacity of the system.

The kit is made of black anodized 6082 aluminum  with a special base that raises the lid, increasing the flow rate (hydrodynamically tested) of 52% of the coolant and improving heat exchange.

This modification makes it possible to stress the bike less (thermally) during hot periods without compromising anything during cold periods since the thermostatic valve is able to compensate for the cooling increase (simply remaining more closed ).

To increase the flow rate at the same engine speed, a simple increase in the surface of the impeller blades is used, obtained thanks to the insertion of a special spacer interposed between the engine base and the water pump covers.

The kit can be mounted on all LC8 engines :

 KTM 950/990 Adventure 2003- 2013 

Ktm 950 Super Enduro 2006 – 2008 

KTM 950/ 990  Supermoto 2006 – 2013

KTM 990 Supermoto T 2011 – 2013 

KTM 990 SMT 2008 - 2009 

The kit includes :

Increased impeller 

Thickness 6mm

Seals 2 (Shim - Pump Cover) 



Centring bushings 

Copper washers 

Installation instructions 


The Complete Cooling Kit configured with the following option also needs to be taken into consideration:

Increased Water Pump Kit AMBRO RACING

Second Additional Fan (only for 950/990 Adventure 2003 – 2013)

Radiator fan thermal switch 98/93 FAE

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May i know how much is it and the postage to Malaysia. It is a good Tool for the cooling system since we are in tropical zone

Ahmad Azali

Just fitted mine. Excellent quality parts and quick, tracked shipping. Can't ask for more

Jonny Akroyd

Hi, pump kit installed and can say has made a huge, difference in keeping the temp lower and more stable - i had a local shop here called fistbumpcustom install it - they are quite well skilled in the larger KTMs

Sidaw Lambert

Super. Lit it works well on my 990 am lots better in town the fan doesn't come on like before

Roger Milne

and for the pump talk whith Tonino Ambrosano. the tsunami pump upgrade is working really well

Stephen Pedretti